The Daily Country's Best Albums of 2017

The Traveling One’s are a standout Americana band who offer the best of what music is all about - communicating the heart and the soul through fine musicianship, great lyrics, soulful singing and well-written, moving songs. ”

Indie Spoonful

Like the sentimental ballads from Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams, the Traveling One’s style of Americana is rich in harmony and full of character. When Justin Ahmanson and Emily Villareal sing together, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Their sound is ethereal and earthy. It’s unique and nostalgic”

— Tour Worthy

Peanut butter and jelly, Luxardo cherries and good rye whiskey, banjos and mandolins. Some things go well together, like Justin Ahmanson and Emily Villareal, a duo that goes by the name The Traveling Ones.”


The soothing, subtle melodies, earnest lyrics, and tender harmonies on Meet Me There glide along peacefully, yet never fail to make an emotional impact and connect with the listener. One of the early surprises of 2017, don’t neglect to visit The Traveling Ones on Meet Me There.”

The Daily Country

While many musical duos release music that feels like the two voices are audibly fighting for dominance, Ahmanson and Villareal avoid this issue by vocally melting together in an astonishingly complementary synchronicity.”

That Music Mag

Their music encompasses many of the hallmark genres under the Americana umbrella, from country and folk to blues and soul. ”

Austin 360

The Traveling Ones [are] an early contender for best new band of 2017.”

JP's Music Blog